Distributing grants through the Landfill Communities Fund with landfill tax credits generated by Yorwaste Ltd.

Since Yorventure was first established in 1997 it has contributed well over £12 million to projects in the City of York, North Yorkshire and North Bradford through the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF). These contributions have been offset, in part, against Yorwaste’s landfill tax liability. Over recent years, Yorwaste has been increasingly successful in diverting waste from landfill to more sustainable uses, and at the same time government has reduced the overall size of the LCF. As a consequence, the fund available for projects has reduced. Yorwaste plans to mothball its one remaining landfill site during summer 2017, at which point project funding is expected to cease.

Yorventure plans to distribute a final round of funding in August 2017, and details of how to apply will be published on this site in the New Year. The funding criteria for the final round of awards can be found here:

Environmental Policy

In its commitment to excellence in its activities Yorventure Environment Body Ltd shall;

Ensure legislative compliance and, where practicable, exceed this minimum requirement by incorporating sound environmental management policies and practice into all its activities, specifically;

  • Promote a purchasing policy that will give preference, where practicable, to those products and services that cause the least harm to the environment.
  • Reduce the consumption of fossil fuels by reducing loads, by improving the energy efficiency of lighting, power, heating and ventilation systems, and by the environmentally sensitive design of new and refurbished buildings.
  • Avoid the unnecessary use of hazardous substances and processes, and take all reasonable steps to prevent damage to the public or the environment where such activities are essential.
  • Develop efficient waste management and recycling procedures throughout our premises and use recyclable and recycled materials wherever practicable.
  • Promote an awareness of environmental consequences in the use of transport.
  • Maintain and conserve natural habitats and provide an environment that is of benefit to local communities.
  • Collaborate with appropriate external organisations to improve our understanding of environmental problems and their solutions.